The Gamma Knife
The Gamma Knife is the worldwide radiosurgical leader in the non-invasive treatment of malignant and benign brain tumors, vascular malformations, and trigeminal neuralgia.


At the time of treatment with the Gamma Knife, the patient is fitted with a stereotactic head frame, which serves as a positioning guide and helps keep the head in a fixed position to assure maximum treatment accuracy.  After the frame is attached, the patient receives an MRI or CT scan. Data from the imaging study is transferred into the state-of-the-art treatment planning computer, which enables the treatment team (a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist and radiation physicist) to tailor radiation dose distribution to conform specifically to the lesion volume. Completing the treatment plan takes one to two hours depending on the complexity and location of the target.

When the treatment plan is completed, the patient is placed on the Gamma Knife couch and precisely positioned. Next, a collimator helmet containing 192-201 (depending on the version of the Gamma Knife) evenly distributed portals is attached to the frame, and the patient is introduced headfirst into the Gamma Knife. Then, the patient is treated with 201 (192 for the Perfexion) sources of Cobalt-60 housed in the Gamma Knife. The gamma rays converge at the target area and deliver a precisely focused dose that is high enough to destroy the diseased tissue without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

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