Proton Beam Radiation Therapy

Let us help you acquire PBRT- potentially the most effective cancer treatment available.

Proton Beam Radiation Therapy

The American Cancer Society estimates that 1.4 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer each year. Although significant strides have been made in reducing the mortality rate and morbidity caused by cancer, cancer remains the second leading killer of Americans. Radiation therapy, a non-invasive treatment, has been a significant factor in improving the outcomes of patients afflicted with cancer. As many as 60% of cancer patients receive a form of radiation therapy during their course of treatment. Proton beam radiation therapy (PBRT) is emerging as the next treatment option that can make a significant impact in our fight against cancer.

PBRT is a precise form of radiation treatment that treats tumors with protons instead of photons used in conventional radiation therapy. Protons release almost all of their energy in a burst of radiation delivered directly to the tumor. Since less of a dose is delivered to surrounding healthy tissue, this technology is particularly useful for targeting tumors close to sensitive areas and in treating children. By minimizing damage to healthy tissue and surrounding organs, proton treatment is highly successful and results in fewer side-effects.

Currently PBRT treats prostate, eye, cranial-spinal, head and neck, lung, liver, breast tumors and is especially useful in pediatric cases. Additionally, the benefits of PBRT for colorectal and pancreatic cancers are being explored.

The PBRT systems in use today were extremely expensive to build since the technology required multi-story facilities. Therefore there are only about 30 PBRT centers worldwide with six in the United States which limits patient access to this superior technology. Single-room PBRT rooms are currently in development and US FDA approval is expected in the near future.

If you are interested in this cutting-edge technology, we will work with you to finance single or multi-room facilities from a variety of manufacturers to suit your needs. Learn more about our financing options.

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