For the past several years we have been working with renowned architectural firm NBBJ to turn our Operating Room for the 21st Century (OR21®) concept into a reality for our partners.


Design of this futuristic surgical suite featuring robotic technology is well underway, and patents are pending on our unique technologies and processes. With our unique financing solutions, we plan to make OR21® available and affordable for major medical centers in the years to come. (Learn more about our financing solutions.)

OR21® suites can be designed to accommodate multiple specialties or individualized to treat a special disease category. Specialties that can benefit from OR21® are cardiology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, vascular surgery, stroke therapy, spine surgery, orthopedics and interventional radiology.

The suites will include the latest in operating room design, imaging capability, equipment integration and patient monitoring, including technologies such as:

  • Intelligent lighting system operated through the surgeon's wand
  • Diagnostic imaging equipment that provides real-time information during surgery
  • Computer-controlled, motorized combination operating room table and ICU bed
  • Robotic cross-cleaning systems with biocidal misting
  • Flat panel monitors outside the surgical zone to check patient vital statistics and diagnostic images

We are collaborating with NBBJ, a global architecture and design firm to help design OR21® and make it available to our partners.

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